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If you want to see other features on the model, please join my server :

There will be an extra video to showcase more of the features in there ! <33


----TOPS: Tank Top, Sweater Crop Top, Hoodie, Oversized T-Shirt, and School Uniform Top.

----Bottoms: Skirt, Sweatpants, Shorts

----Other: Flannel and Bodysuit

----Shoes: High Tops, Slip Ons, and Platformer Boots

3 Hair Styles: Long Hair, Long Hair w/ Braid and Short Hair!

---- LOTS OF ACCESSORIES!! - Multiple Accessories to give your own taste to the avatar.

Multiple Customization toggles and hues to give your edit a nice POP!

---- Sleightlys Throwaball included. Nice fun ball to throw up against a wall when your ADHD hits you

Cute Expressions that you can use:



♡ ; Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is not allowed under any circumstance.
♡ ;If you plan on buying this model with/for someone, please put their information in when purchasing along with yours.
♡ ;Price splitting or trading is not allowed. DM me if you need to discuss a lower price.
♡ ;Making any of my models public is not allowed.
♡ ;You may not upload to another account.
♡ ;No refunds under any circumstances.
♡ ;None of the assets on my model may be reused.
♡ ;If you wish to use my model on any platform like like TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch, etc(which allows you to profit off my model.) You must credit my shop with a link ( ) somewhere CLEARLY VISIBLE.
♡ ;My models may be used on any social vr platform, as long as all tos is followed (vrc,neos,cvr+)
♡ ;Only way of obtaining my models is by legally purchasing them through my payhip. 

Big shoutout to all my friends that helped me with this avatar and the journey along with it! I put a lot of time and love into these models and I hope that you all enjoy them! Feel free to join my discord and join my amazing community! <3

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